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Erotic Hypnosis: An introduction

Updated: Mar 25

Erotic hypnosis is the practice of using hypnosis for sexual purposes. If you've been to a hypnosis show you may have seen some of the more "adult" themed aspects that are possible with hypnosis. With a willing partner, those can be taken to many more levels and you are only limited by your imagination. This post will hopefully give you an idea of what hypnosis can do and why on Earth you would want to try it.

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is perhaps best described as a state of focused concentration, increased suggestibility, and in many cases a dissociated trace-like feeling. Many submissives who have tried hypnosis have compared it to being in subspace.

Using hypnosis for erotic purposes brings the BDSM dynamic to a whole new level. Imagine giving a post-hypnotic suggestion that arouses and brings your submissive to orgasm by just using a trigger word or a touch. Take role-playing to another level with your submissive where they see and feel as if they are really playing the role rather than just acting it out. There are plenty of mind fuck hypnotic suggestions you can use with erotic hypnosis and a vivid imagination.

Hypnosis can also be used to try things in a safe way that a submissive may not be too keen on doing for real. For example, they may have an aversion to electro-play but might be willing to use hypnosis instead. For some, hypnosis itself is very erotic, and many submissives like the idea of "mind control".

What can you do with erotic hypnosis? I'll give you some examples of hypnotic suggestions! Obviously, with all these, you must first have a discussion about consent and what will be allowed before hypnotizing someone.

  • Arousal trigger: Set a post-hypnotic suggestion that whenever you say a word or phrase your hypnotee will feel an intense wave of arousal. You can set it to last a few seconds or to keep building more intense each time you say it. Fun for being out in public and getting your partner some play time that might make them feel a bit embarrassed but likely won't be noticed by most passers-by. There are plenty of variations on this.

  • Remote control: set post-hypnotic suggestion that when you say a phrase such as "remote control on" you can dial up or down the levels of arousal 0-10 or whatever you'd like. 0 being a normal unaroused state and 10 being the highest state of near uncontrollable arousal. You can also set a remote control "button" to orgasm when you think they have had enough!

  • Hot!: You can add some sensation play without actually needing to use heat. Get our subject in a trace, and suggest that the room is getting warmer and warmer. As you increase the suggestion of unbearable heat, suggest it will feel so much better to start removing clothing. Then, suggest that the only way to get relief from the heat is to keep shedding clothing. You get the idea. For added fun, once they have removed their clothing, start making it cold! Then add that when you touch them it feels like an ice cube against the skin and touch all the nice sensitive parts.

  • Vibrating underwear: Yes you can buy remote-controlled vibrators for this but this is very handy when you want to surprise your partner or don't have that vibe with you. Dial up the vibrations as high and intense as you'd like with just a touch or verbal phrase. Use your imagination and you can substitute vibrations for warmth, licking, fingering, or all at once!

  • Hypno bondage: You can simulate being tied, chained, strapped down, or almost any restraint you can think of using hypnosis. Why do that when you can use the real thing? Sometimes you don't have what you need handy. Maybe you want to do some sci-fi role-play and have them be immobilized with an imaginary light beam of some kind. It can also be useful when playing with someone who might not be ready to be restrained for real. It also requires little bondage training from the Dominant. No need to learn complicated knots or have safety equipment nearby.

  • Hypno impact play: Simulate spanking, flogging, whipping, and more. Of course, the real thing is what most people who practice BDSM will want. But like hypno bondage, you don't need any equipment or training in impact play to do it. You can even do it in public with some post-hypnotic suggestions and a subtle phrase or touch.

  • Human robot/doll: Give the right command and turn your subject into a robot or doll to do with as you, please. Dress them up, command them to do dirty, erotic things, whatever you please.

  • Transformations: Turn your partner into a bimbo, slut, pony, dog, or whatever you'd like.

  • Hypnotic orgasms. Always a lot of fun to give your partner a mind-blowing orgasm with just a touch or your voice. You can play around this a lot, Turn your hand into an orgasm gun, point, shoot until they can't take any more.

  • Hypno role play: As mentioned earlier, you can bring role play to a whole new level with hypnosis. They can feel as if they are really in the role they are playing. Play out an interrogation scene, teacher/student, supervillain/captured hero, etc.

While erotic hypnosis is a relatively small subset of BDSM, there are local groups and even conventions devoted to it. You can search Fetlife for groups that meet to learn and practice erotic hypnosis. The best way to learn is by attending classes and seminars. However, some may want to get the basics down before they are comfortable attending things in person. You can find videos online of various quality and dubious factual information. There are some good books out there though. Recommended reading:

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