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The Kink Manifesto Presents: Fet Radio!

I'm excited to announce a new kinky experience for the BDSM community. I haven't been as active blogging the last several months in preparation for this new project. The streaming radio station will bring you kinky news, BDSM education, entertaining content, and some hot kinky music. I will be adding more as I go and upgrading the equipment I use for live broadcasts. I hope people will enjoy and also participate in making Fet Radio the best it can be.

One of the goals of the station will be to add more talent and kinky content so more people will tune in and listen on a daily basis. A secondary goal is to establish a dungeon in the Reno, NV area. Why Reno? Well it doesn't have one and that's where Fet Radio will broadcast from. You can help by becoming a supporter on our Patreon. You get perks for joining but we are keeping Fet Radio a free service. Here are useful links

Fet Radio:



More info coming soon!

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