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Building Your Home Dungeon: Tips to Consider

Updated: Mar 25

For those who want to take their kink life to the next level, a dungeon in the home may be very appealing. There are a lot of things to consider before you start mass-ordering equipment for your new play space. Here are some things you might want to check off.

Location, location, location: Where are you going to put your new play space? The most popular spots are in a basement or garage space. Do you have a spare room you aren't using? This might be useful if you don't have a basement. Other things to consider:

  • Does it need to be private? Locked? Not everyone will feel comfortable explaining the dungeon to someone who mistakenly opens the wrong door.

  • How much space do you have? A St Andrews cross won't take up a lot of room against a wall but a four-poster bed will. If you have a smaller space it will be a big factor in what equipment you can fit and still leave space to move about freely.

  • Will noise be an issue? If you have neighbors near you may need to invest in sound-deadening materials for your walls.

  • Comfort: by this I mean will the space be able to be heated or cooled so you or others can be comfortable in it. Climate control is nice when you are naked or nearly so.

Have a Budget: Even if you have plenty of spare cash, it's easy to get carried away with spendy equipment, bondage gear, and sexy toys. Add paint and decor. and other dungeon ambiance you can easily rack up thousands of dollars.

If don't have a lot of money to spend on your home dungeon, you can still get started and find ways to make your money stretch a long way.

  • You can often find paint, flooring, and cool lighting at Habitat for Humanity's Restores cheaper than at your big box home improvement stores. Check out your local Craigslist for people selling their leftover or used materials for cheap.

  • Don't want to spend $1000 on that St Andrew's Cross? Learn to build your own equipment or toys. You can usually find plans or tutorials online and then you can customize them to what works best for you.

  • Start with what you can afford and add things later as you can work them into your budget. You can always start with your favorite piece of dungeon equipment and as you find and can afford more toys, add more to your dungeon later.

Ambiance: Now that you know what you have for space and a budget, what do you want your dungeon to look, feel, and sound like? The classic brick-and-black color palette may not be your thing. Maybe you like soft pink or a stark white look. While some things can be painted over later, you should consider what you will like in the long term as well. The bright white colors might look good to you now, but will you get tired of it a year from now?

You can find dozens of examples of dungeons both big and small online. Do some research and see what connects with you. Give some thought to the main color and accent colors that appeal to you most. If you are going to invite other kinksters into your dungeon, you might consider to what others might find appealing as well. You might love a Star Wars-themed interrogation room, but others might not get the same vibe.

Quality: Buying budget items at your local adult store might save you money in the short term but many items won't last long and are of poor quality. They might even cause an unintended injury if they fail at the wrong time. It's much better to buy fewer good-quality BDSM toys and gear than to buy a lot of cheap stuff because you want to fill your space right away. Add more as your budget allows.

If you plan on having suspension attachments from the ceiling that need to bear human weight, make sure you know what you are doing and use good equipment designed for it. Normally, you would need to secure these to a joist or stud that can bear the weight.

Storage: Make sure you have enough storage and places to put all your floggers, whips, cuffs, rope, etc. You can use chests, cool boxes, wire display racks, or shelves. Your dungeon should be neat and well-organized. A messy dungeon is not attractive and can be hazardous.

Functional: Do you have enough outlets for your toys that need them? Make sure you have enough of them and they are in places that are close to where they will be needed. Having power cords strung across the floor because you put a Symbian across the room from the lone power outlet is an obvious tripping hazard. Not to mention it looks bad. If it's necessary, cover the power cord with an area rug or some kind of cord protector.

Everything should be in a place that makes sense and has plenty of room to work in. In smaller spaces, some things can be tucked in a corner until needed but should be easy to take out and put away. You shouldn't have to rearrange half the room to use something. If so, you might want to rethink using a different space or downsize what you have in there.

Tips for safety:

  • Have a first aid kit handy for aftercare

  • Make sure you inspect items for damage and quality build. Discard or repair anything that is damaged.

  • Have things that can be easily cleaned and wiped down. Also, have cleaning supplies in the dungeon or nearby so you can clean up after your play session. Keeping things sanitary and clean keeps everyone healthy.

  • If you use candles for ambiance or wax play, make sure there is nothing flammable near them. It's best to have only flame-retardant materials for things like curtains and sheets.

  • Use flooring that is waterproof and easy to clean. Sweat, drool, and other body fluids aren't fun to clean from a carpet. An area rug that can be washed is the best way to go if you need a softer surface to stand on.

Do you have more suggestions or tips? Feel free to comment below!

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