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$KNKY: A new way to create a funding source for kink

If you want to fund a BDSM dungeon or anything kink-related there are a few options. Not many of these are all that good. You might be wealthy and just go ahead and build it and hope enough people are willing to come to recoup the costs. You can ask the people in the kink community you are in to put together the funds. Not everyone has a lot of spare money to donate and those that do tend to want to be in charge of things. But if the community is big enough and they work well together it can work out well.

I have found GoFundMe to be a dead end. Even though I would research and find other fundraising campaigns of a similar nature, GoFundMe would delete my listing without explanation. After many emails and help requests were unanswered, I gave up on that avenue for funding. Fuck GoFundMe.

I also wanted to get away from affiliate marketing. If you have even read a blog and been annoyed by a half dozen pop-up ads or videos while you just want to read the information, you know why I hate them so much. Plus you only get a small percentage of the sale in most cases.

After several months of looking into ways to make a meaningful difference, I found other ways. I started Fet Radio as a way to entertain, educate, and inform the kink community. And hopefully, we play some music we can all enjoy. I started a Patreon account to help fund it to expand its offerings and get more contributors.

While these may help raise some money eventually, it certainly isn't going to get a dungeon playspace built anytime soon. So, I looked around at other kink sites to find some ideas that might work well. I eventually came across KinkBnB. It had been inactive since COVID-19 but had recently restarted using a social crypto token. The tokens give you a membership where you can list or book kinky dungeons. I didn't know a lot about cryptocurrency so I started my education.

There were similar concepts out there already. Chaturbate sells tokens for you to tip webcam performers and interact with them. Amazon sells a token for you to unlock story episodes on their Vella platform. The authors get a percentage of the token value. I was looking for something that would be valuable to the kink audience and not just something where they buy a token for access to my sites. I think the information I provide is certainly of some value but the same information is out there on the internet for free in most cases.

After looking into it more, I settled on creating a cryptocurrency that can be bought, sold, and traded much like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but without the need to mine it or have a huge infrastructure behind it. Using the Ethereum network, I created a coin I named Kinky Coin. It's known in the crypto market as $KNKY. It's known as a social token because it is used by content creators to do several things:

  • Access: The token can give you access to special content only holders of the token will have access to. For example, special deals, video channels, chats, etc.

  • Exchange: tokens can be exchanged for goods or as a donation to the creators. It becomes a social currency used within the community.

  • Investment: tokens can be bought and held. Because of the limited supply of coins, rising demand for the token creates increasing value. Tokes can also be staked on exchanges that earn fees when others trade the tokens.

Kinky Coin will be focused on the investment and exchange properties of the social token. As people in the kink community buy Kinky Coin, it will gain in value for everyone and allow it to be used to buy goods sold and eventually to be sold for a profit.

One of the drawbacks of a virtual currency like crypto is that most of them aren't backed by real assets. I aim to help solve that problem by investing the money raised in the sales of Kinky Coin in kink assets such as toys, furniture, art, etc. By creating an ever-growing vault of kink assets, Kinky Coin can be used to purchase these assets when they are made available. The ultimate goal is to create a BDSM dungeon playspace that holds all of the assets and can be used by the kink community at large.

I also plan to use some of the revenue from the sale of Kinky Coin to support other kink causes by donating to organizations that have a need. A more detailed breakdown of Kinky Coin can be found in our white paper below.

Download PDF • 1.29MB

.In part 2 of this article, I will detail how to get $KNKY and what it will be used for.

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